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We have a new feature! Each day, several hundred documents pass through my inbox. Some, I feel, should have a broader circulation and I place them here.

meaning of life

19:25 18 September, 2007

The most popular and most unique tool we have to offer is a full-screen hemispheric time, air temperature, sea temperature and cloud cover display, which gathers real time data from the weather satellites and compiles the data every ten minutes, into a view, from a virtual geostationary satellite 1,000,000 kilometers above a fixed point on earth.

In this case, an image is worth a million words. Go here for a view above my home, on the Swiss/France border. Use your browsers back button to return.

If you want one for your area, send me the longitude and latitude and I'll send you a javascript by return email.

You may put these on your web site to attract repeat visitors. Or, I will host your weather page and you can put the link in your browser's favorites. Or, you can make it your browser's home page, use it as a screen saver and have your weather view updated, in real time.

There is so much information in the images that it takes a while to get familiar with the subtleties.