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Cleansing Consequences

The cleansing procedures, which were presented last week, induce substantial changes, physically, mentally, and psychologiacally. They are all very basic procedures and I am reluctant to present more transformative procedures, because I do not know each readers present condition and because change causes stress.

Many people feel that stress is something to be avoided. However, growth causes stress. Stress is a necessary positive force in one's life, if used properly.

For example, there are varied consequences from my use of the intestinal wash. The first thing I noticed is that my breathing became remarkably free and clear. Because I am skilled in pranayama, I am very aware of my breathing, which is generally clear but, after the intestinal wash, the breathing was exceptional. This tells me that I either need to cleanse more frequently, or identify and eliminate the substance, which impairs my breathing.

This morning, while doing my "body scan," a discomfort, bordering on low grade pain, was noticable in my bursa, more so in my right shoulder. This indicates that the liver is not functioning, fully. The liver cleanse is scheduled for next weekend and I'll see what happens.

Generally, I am a "high energy" type. So much so that I constantly need to tone down, when with other people, for their comfort. On Saturday, during and after the intestinal wash, I purposely forced myself to be very gentle to my body and rest. On Sunday, I was a whirlwind of energy. I wrote and posted 150 web pages, for the French side of Etre, in less than three hours. Expending so much mental energy in such a short time is not good for me. I need to reallocate my energy resources and get to a new balance.

Ease your way into using procedures, such as, frontal lobe brain cleanse and the mind cleanse. Try them for two minutes, observe the consequences, balance the stress caused by their changes, and then try them again for a longer period.

Any questions??