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Natural Medicinal Tonics

Tonics are substances used to tonify, or strengthen, the function of an organ, gland, or system. Often this organ, gland, or system is working at normal levels, but it is improved by the tonic. Note that our goal is to improve cognitive function, not to relieve pathologies. We want to tonify, rather than wait for something to fail. Try these tonics, even if you feel there is nothing wrong with your cognition, mentation, or ideation. They might lift you to a new level.

My first tonic of the day is a pot of hot cocoa - not the chemical soup junk put out by Nestle, et al, but a high quality cocoa powder from the local health foods store. On my desk, right now and every morning, is a one liter insulated carafe of hot cocoa, with a few additions, which I'll explain in some detail. Into the carafe, I put three heaping teaspoons of cocoa powder, which contains about 30% sucrose. I add cinnamon powder to assist the pancreas, as it deals with the sucrose. I, also, add a dash of cayenne pepper powder, because it brings the drink closer to the original Amerindian drink and because it increases my metabolic rate, which tends to slow, if I am at a desk too long. Into the mix, also goes 800 mg of curcinum/tumeric, because I am recovering from a knee injury and 1600 mg/day of tumeric is more effective at controlling inflamation than the cortisone my doctor prescribes, without the adverse side effects. Since this is flu season, I also put in a cluster of star anise. Why?... because that highly expensive drug, Tamiflu, is nothing but a derivation of star anise and it also adds a hint of anise flavoring to the mix.

I sip away at this liter over the morning. It tastes good and it tonifies me.

Good cocoa has a high magnesium content and is very high in bio-flavinoids, which increase vascular blood flow, while decreasing blood pressure and assist in cleansing the brain. Heart and brain pathologies are non-existent with the Amerindian tribes of Panama, who are the originators of drinking cocoa and who continue to drink it daily.

My afternoon tonic is simply a carafe of Chinese green tea, with no additions. Green tea catechins improve reference and working-memory related learning ability. The green tea catechins are powerful brain permeable antioxidants, which are also very strong chelators of iron...Note: Chinese do not get the brain pathologies common to the West.

My dinner time tonic is a glass of red wine. Again because it is high in bioflavinoids, is an antioxidant, lowers blood pressure, is a vascular dilator and aids digestion.

Some people recommend ginko biloba as a tonic to increase brain function. I have no first hand experience with it. But, if any of you wish to share your experience, please do.

As you have probably noticed, tonics can be enjoyable and tasty, as well as beneficial. One needs only to look away from what is advertised and promoted and look to your own particular needs, as you consciously choose what you will put in your body.

Any questions??