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We are living in highly challenged times. Our mass consciousness directly reflects the discord, in which many of us find ourselves within our personal lives.

Humanity, as a whole, can not rise above the current level of negativity and discord, until we do so on a deeply personal level.

Take a scrutinizing look at the current state of your personal affairs, and the level of accord, or discord, in which you are currently engaged , with those who have been dearest to you.

Have you forgotten “why” certain people have come into your life? The answer is so you can rid your innermost self of any negativity. If you are acting out, then YOU have the personal responsibility to share your thoughts in a gracious manner, and create harmony, especially with those, with whom you may not agree. It is time to let go of people who no longer serve your highest evolutionary growth with love, respect, in a gentle manner, and without judgment.

Judgment is the paradigm that pits nation against nation, sister against brother, and lover against friend. Release judgment. It is each person’s individual right to live the life of their own choosing.

It is each person’s individual responsibility to share in a humble, gracious, and sincere manner anything that displeases him or her. Fear of rocking the boat creates inner tension. As within, so without. If we feel tension inside, and we do not express it in a healthy manner, then we contribute to the tension in our outer lives with the people with whom we come into contact.

When our feelings are shared genuinely, then we are free. We are free of tension, discord, and imbalance within ourselves.

As a result, we will begin to experience true freedom.

Any questions??