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Dance with F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. can arise from many sources. Sometimes it is a result of a past injury, or trauma. Other times, it arises out of low self-confidence. Whatever the source, one major cause of F.E.A.R. is out of control thinking. Out of control thinking leads to out of control behavior. The root of most fear are thoughts that are negative and catastrophic.

If out of control thinking leads to out of control behavior, then one must create disciplined thinking patterns. Disciplined thinking patterns or ritualized thoughts create a situation, in which negative thought patterns are less likely to intrude. I call the creating of ritualized thoughts mental choreography. Choreographing what one says to oneself is an extremely important method to create positive images for oneself.

There are three types of statements used in creating mental choreography. These statements are technical statements, energy statements and self-esteem statements. Technical statements include corrections and reminders which one focuses on before or during a task or situation. Energy statements either help give tone an energy boost or decrease anxiety. Energy statements that bring one's energy up can be used at the end of a task or situation.Statements like "relax" and "breathe" help bring fear and anxiety levels down to a more manageable level. Finally, self-esteem statements help one feel more confident. Statements like "I can do this," "I've done it before," and "I'm ready," give one the power and confidence one needs.

If you are a victim of F.E.A.R., it is essential to develop disciplined thinking skills and mental choreography done consistently, will establish the connection between a word and behavior. So, go to a quiet place, think about your F.E.A.R. and write your own choreography. The next time the F.E.A.R. arises dance around it.

Remember, out of control thinking leads to out of control living.

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