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... or why am I going to write about power for th next ten weeks?

Power, the word, has many meanings. In the following series of essays, power will mean the ability to make choices or influence outcomes, which is also power held by a person or group of people, within a larger group. Power exists at all times and at many levels and in many forms. Power can be used for you or against you and it will always be used. The choice is yours.

...and, most people are afraid of their personal power but are all to willing to give it away to others. Or, they feel inadequate for some reason and allow others to direct their life. Perhaps, they are simply lazy or ignorant. The reason people give away or ignore their power does not matter, because the results are the same... they become sheeple.

Of course, all herds need a leader and all victims need an oppressor. The difference between a beneficial leader and an oppressor is motive and perception, because their methods are the same.

Over the next ten weeks, I will describe the methods of power. My motive is not to increase the number of oppressors in the world but simply to inform, because knowledge increases power. With the knowledge of the methods of power, one can either increase one's own power, or, at least be aware when the methods are being used upon oneself.

Any questions??