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Eat Balanced

Eat a balanced diet. Eat a diet, which is a balance of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, non-animal based protein, low-fat dairy and low-fat meat(if you need meat). And, I do not mean eat equal amounts of "the four basic food groups", or that foolish "food pyaramid," which is the unbalancedhigh-fat style that has caused si many health problems.

You have all heard of "RDA," the rcommended gaily allowance of nutrients...NONESENSE! They are too low. These daily allowance, until resently, were called "Minimum Daily Requirements." Then the PR people for the food industry realized that people wanted more than the minimum and the nutitional value of their gactory foods was decreasing. So 'Minimum' was changed t 'Recommended' and the numbers stayed the same.

The same government agency that assigns RDAs also assigns nutrient levels for research animals in government labs. For research monleys, the agency recommends optimum intake levels. As a result research animals are fed a diet which is higher in nutrients than the recommended RDA for humans.

I am sure you have heard nutrition "experts" tell you that you can get all the nutrients from a normal diet, if you include things like rutabaga, caviar, mutton and persimmon. They are shills for various producer groups.

Tge next time you here one of these industry shills remind yourself that it takes 20 oranges per day to supply a single gram of vitamin C and you will get more vitamin C from a fork full of brocoli than from an orange.

The RDA will prevent you from diseases like beri-beri or rickets, but we have higher goals than that. For our purposes a balanced diet is determined by setting our goals - slimming the waistline and increasing cognition. Assessing we we are to start and determining how to get there. These are very individual decisions. I can tell you what I am doing for me, but what you do for you is your decision and your responsibility.

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