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The universe is my mirror

Is it possible that we are so conditioned to our daily lives, so conditioned to the way we create our lives, that we accept the premise that we have no control at all? We have been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real than the internal world. Quantum physics says exactly the opposite. It postulates that what is happening within us creates what is happening outside of us..

Month after month, this site's pages on quantum physics and the idea of a holographic reality are the two most visited pages. They, also, engender many emails, with questions like, "Do you fully understand quantum theory and its explanation of reality, as well as you seem to?" My answer is always, NO and NO, meaning nobody understands quantum theory and I, for one, am trying to understand Absolute Reality. I have been trained in Newtonian physics, and mathematics... this limits me, but provides a basis of understanding. Newtonian physics describes the visible effects, while Quantum physics describes the invisible cause

Quantum physics, which essentially is the physics of probabilities, explains how you are in direct manipulation of your entire physical world, but you may not be aware of this fact. This interests me because it is exactly the thoughts of the ancient meta-physicians. We are coming full circle in our description of reality.

Because of your limited interpretation of your 5 physical senses, reality may appear to be happening to you, while, in fact, you are happening to reality, regardless of your intentions or awareness of doing so.

At the root of every problem, need, or opportunity, there is only consciousness, or thought energy unhindered by ego. From consciousness (being in a state of alert awareness of yourself and your surroundings), all things flow. Consciousness creates and directs everything. Spiritual, scientific and medical communities now agree that we, as a collective consciousness, are at the beginning stages of ‘ awakening ’ to how powerful we are (and have always been) in being able to affect everything we experience in life. We have grown in our science and technology, now we grow in our Consciousness.

Quantum physics and Samkhya yoga (see my unfinished description of Samkhya ) do not tell you what to think. They focus on the study of the building blocks of the universe (the unseen infinite possibilities). They state a clear foundation, upon which to understand how your thinking (and especially beliefs ) create what you perceive.

All quantum scientists agree on one thing: No solid object is really solid. Something so obviously inanimate as a table, for instance, is made up of rapidly flashing energy 'packets' or quanta. Billions and billions of packets of energy that flash in and flash out of that space where the table 'appears'.

It is now accepted that an electron (energy packet) is not a precise entity, but exists as a potential, or sum, of all probabilities until the act of observing or measuring it 'freezes' it, or pins it down, to a single state. Once we are through looking or measuring (once we withdraw attention), the electron becomes a probability again. Or, to quote J Krishnamurti, "The observer is the observed."

Everything in the universe – all matter – is made up of these fluctuating, highly-mobile, subatomic energy packets. Therefore, all matter acts exactly like a large group of sub-atomic particles would. A table's 'being there' is a result of us all watching it being there and deciding it to be there.

Nothing exists independently of your perception of it. There is much, much more science to support this notion (that the act of observation is what really makes probability-based matter a 'definite' thing or 'concrete' object). Know that quantum physics is the real world and you draw into yourself this unseen sub-atomic world according to your intention, expectation and beliefs concerning what is and is not possible, in your present life.

Any questions??