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Total Bull

As a change of pace, for today, I offer, for your amusement, a satirical introduction to one's quest to become a member of a "spiritual community" - The initiation of a sacred cow, Totally Cool Bull! Enjoy!


Gabriel, of North Carolina, has responded with some good information about lecithin: "Thank you Denis for your insights and work! (particularly Krisnamurti and Health!)

"A quick note on lecithin-----the vitamin and enzyme content of seeds and grains, when SPROUTED, increases dramatically, Although wheat has very little Vitamin C in its kernel form, when sprouted this small quantity increases 600% according to Dr. Bailey of the University of Minnesota. Sprouted Oats contain amounts of Vitamin C equal to lime or grapefruit juice and, when allowed to sprout for 10 days, have even more Vitamin C. Soya beans tested after sprouting for a day and half show a Vitamin C increase of over 500%.

"The best sources of lecithin are germinates and sprouts of seeds, whole grains, and legumes, especially soya beans. Lecithin is an emulsifier of fats, breaking them down to small, separate particles, keeping the circulation of fats emulsified to prevent their sedimentation. It also counteracts, neutralizes, and eliminates cholesterol from our circulatory system. Lecithin also maintains adequate tension in the cells by giving a protective lining to the lungs. Sufficient lecithin in the bile will prevent formation of gallstones, which are composed of 85% cholesterol. As lecithin contains large quantities of polyunsaturated oils, it has a cholesterol-dispersing effect, another decided advantage. Adding lecithin to our diet, the undesirable cholesterol derivatives will not form, becoming instead a soluble lecithin-cholesterol compound. Keeping the cholesterol in solution in the bloodstream to dissolve cholesterol deposits in the walls of arteries, atherosclerosis can be prevented."

I will continue with the process of slimming the waistline and improving cognitive function tomorrow.

Any questions??