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Manifesting Page II

The previous page, on Manifesting, engendered many email responses asking for more specific suggestion.

If you wish to manifest money, love, health, or anything else, the principles are the same. You will attract to yourself those experiences that match your beliefs. Or, another explanation, from the quantum theory, is the observer affects that which is observed. Since you are the observer, it is you, who affects your life. It is you, who creates your experience of reality.

You create your experience via your underlying beliefs - whether they are conscious or unconscious. If you are not conscious of your beliefs, you must make them conscious. As Carl Jung said, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." Or, as mystics will say, "Know thyself." This includes your beliefs.

Before you begin to manifest your ideal life, you must get clear on exactly what you want. Examine your desire. Is it something that would be of benefit to many people or is it a purely selfish desire?

If you are attempting to manifest your desire at the expense of someone else, there will be a steep price to pay in the future. Remember, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap," so why saddle yourself with additional burdens? If your desire seems selfish, reframe it so that it's of benefit to others. This technique may help.

When you are clear on exactly what you want, there are three basic steps:

Visualize exactly what you want for 5 minutes per day. As an example, you want to go sightseeing in Paris. You may want to visualize the Eiffel Tower. Why 5 minutes? Because any longer and your mind will wander. Any shorter and you may not be fully fleshing out your vision.

Put yourself in the picture, with detail and emotion. You have a clear view of the Eiffel Tower. But, if you do not visualize yourself in the picture, the universe will manifest your desire, but perhaps not in the format you anticipated. For example, you might get a postcard of the Paris skyline in the mail. To avoid any misunderstandings, picture yourself standing in front of the tower. What are you wearing? Are you there with your spouse or some new love interest? Add details, employing all your sensory data. You are eating a delicious croissant. The wind is blowing gently on a beautiful, sunny spring afternoon. You hear conversations en francais and you smell the perfume of the petite jeune fille standing near you.

Add emotion. Are you enjoying the taste of your croissant? Do you feel the joy of exploring a new country? Are you reveling in the sense of freedom as you travel the world? The more realistic you make it, the better.

Focus only on the end result. This is very important. Do not worry about how you get there. You can not possibly imagine all the ways that your goal might manifest, so do not limit yourself. Allow the universe to fill in the details.

When your daily manifesting is complete, let go, release it to the universe. Continuing to hold it in your mind will prevent manifestation. You must let go. And, do not forget to say, "Thank you."

If you do not manifest what you desire, there are two possibilities: you are not clear on exactly what you want or you are not aware of a certain belief, probably subconscious, which is subverting your conscious desire.

Any questions??