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The evolution of intelligence

Are we what we are born as? Is intelligence something that is measurable by tests and dictated by genetics? OR.…..

Are we what we choose to be in any moment? Is intelligence the degree to which we can expand and connect to a vaster intelligence and consciousness in any moment?

I say it is the latter! Our culture has a serious misunderstanding of intelligence and the workings of the mind. We have been focusing on a physical, mind-only approach, for too long . In truth, our intelligence extends throughout the depth and breadth of the universe and anyone, of any age, of any measurable IQ, can access this intelligence.

Do you truly understand the implications of this? Any child can know anything they want, from any time, on any subject. Any person can ascertain the true meaning of situations as they arise, seeing the depth and breadth of possibilities and potential in every moment. This is actually the truth of our human capacity for intelligence…it stretches way beyond the limits that we’ve lived under for so long now. It is time to break the myth of IQ, to extend the mind into the ‘great unknown’ and make it the ‘very well known,’ for us all

All the new abilities (wisdom, knowing, innate sensing, telepathy and more) available to us are simply the inherent knowledge that is in the air (the energy) around us. You have been locked away in an individualistic and mind oriented culture, so how could you know there was so much available to us? It is all there, for the asking.

I believe these abilities are a part of our natural birthright. All human beings can read the sensory input around them. Many people already have access to these abilities. In fact, some have had them all their lives. It is possible for anyone and everyone to access these abilities, easily and graciously. Look at each of these abilities and their corresponding level of intelligence to discover how they can be used to enhance life, work and creation.


Our hearts are the doorway, the connection to everything there is in life. If we close our hearts, we close to life. When we open our hearts, we open to all that life can offer. Heart-based abilities (emotional intelligence) allow us a new relationship to our emotions. We become more responsible for what and how we feel. We delight in having anger rise because we discover that it is the tip of a new passion rising into our lives. We celebrate a new fear because it is the tip of leadership offering out its hand to us to move us to the next levels. With our new-found abilities to understand things, we can seek out multiple interpretations for any situation and discover all kinds of possibilities lying in wait within.


Intuition becomes available to you as you open your heart. It is ‘a gut-feel’…that quick feel, that immediate sense that something is right or wrong. “Turn here.”, you’ll say to the driver when you know that’s simply the right direction. “Try this.”, you’ll say to your boss or employee, with a real assurance that this idea WILL take you where you’re trying to get to. But with intuition, do you really know WHY or HOW you know? Not likely. That’s the thing with intuition. It is hard to describe and you only seem to know as much as you can intuit in the moment and that is that. It is almost like the tip of knowing, but not quite fully there, yet.


Spiritual intelligence is where we begin to open up to our spirit’s journey and to quest for a greater understanding of life. This is where we seek for and find higher purpose and a greater sense of Self. This is where we become wise by accessing our natural birthright of wisdom.


Wisdom is when you reach higher, into the realms of consciousness and spirit to access a greater understanding of what is occurring in life. Wisdom can come to you in words, pictures, colours, sounds…any form at all. Only the filters of our minds and our beliefs can limit it. Generally, people refer to the wisdom of the ages, but once you’ve connected consciousness and creation up, that new wisdom is very accessible to you as well.

Any questions??