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The present moment

Consider this; all your hopes for the future and even your memories of the past can happen only in the present moment. The present moment is that one point where everything comes together.

When does life start? When does it end? When do cause and effect take place? When is it that we meet every challenge? When are problems born and when are they resolved? When do we feel pain? When are we healed? This all happens in the present moment. We have been taught that those moments are separate from each other, but in truth, they all take place in the now. No matter what happens in life, it is always now, then now, then now - always in the present moment.

Nothing exist outside of the NOW. Nothing ever happened in the past. – It happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future – It will happen in the Now. When you think of the past it is stored in the mind as a former now. And, when you think about the past, when do you do it? – You do it now! When the futures comes – it comes in the now. And, when you think about the future, when do you do it? – You do it now! The past and the future have no realities of their own. Their realities are “borrowed” from the now.

All dissatisfaction is caused by denial of the present. We think problems are caused by our situations in life, but attachment to the past and future and denial of the now is the real problem. Ultimately then, there is only one problem in life – not living in the now.

You cannot be unhappy, or dissatisfied and fully present now. It is impossible to have a problem, when your attention is in the now. When you live in the now, a situation is either dealt with or accepted, now. A problem means you are dwelling on a situation mentally without having a true intention or possibility of taking action, now.

Perhaps, you are seeking answers to your questions or difficulties. Notice that sometimes you receive your answer, but most of the time you do not. Why? Because you are not in the present moment, when the answer arrives! Anytime your mind is out of the present moment, you cannot receive the answer you need. The answer can come in many ways and at any time, but it will always come in the present moment. If one occupied most time regretting and living in the past or worrying about the future, one places oneself out of the present moment, where all creativity and answers take place.

Does it make any sense at all to desire, request, yearn and pray for that which is closest to your heart and necessary to your life and then not be paying attention when the answer arrives?

It is only our thoughts, attitudes and emotions in the present moment, which have power. It is not what occurred to us in the past that will force us on a path that we would rather not be on. It is how tightly we hold on to that past by reliving its trauma and drama in our present moment. When we constantly worry and re-examine the past in order to discover what is wrong with the present, we reinforce the building materials that will create exactly that which we are trying to escape.

Any questions??