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Everybody likes to get high

Cannabis products are used in many forms, both recreationally and medically, worldwide. THC, or tetrahydracannibol, the active ingredient is also available by prescripton, in pill form, in a product called Marinol. However, cultivation, sale, possession and, in some circumstances, use of cannabis is illegal in the land of the free.

I have named the brainwave entrainment, linked above, doobie_doo.mp3 because it puts you into a mildly euphoric and pain free state, which is very close to the stae of one who has smoked some cannabis. I am experimenting and refining this program, in the hopes of eliminating the cognitive dissonance, which results from cannabis use, and increasing the pain relief feature for people, who live with chronic pain.

Do not copy this to a CD and play it while driving!! I recommend that you listen to this program at home, during a quiet time in dim light. It is one hour in duration and should be listened for the entire hour without interruption. I recommend that you use earphones but equidistant and balanced speakers will work, also.

Do not allow children to listen to brain wave programs, because children are susceptible to epileptic events, which can be triggered by the rhythmic tones. Do not listen if you have a history of epilepsy. Do not listen, without consulting your doctor, if you are taking prescription drugs.

Please write to me and tell me about your experience with doobie_doo.

Any questions??