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Keep It So Simple

Today, there are so many “hype men” and charlatans out there hawking success training courses and the “next best thing”, which is guaranteed to make you a success, in every facet of your life, that it is impossible to dtermine, who, among them, is trustworthy.

In many of the courses, these people come up with ideas, systems and way of getting your life together, which have never beenn tested, The courses can leave you further from your goals and lighter in pocket.

If you have been confused, overloaded by information and just overwhelmed at how you are going to achieve your dreams, Keep It So Simple. Simply, create a blueprint, a plan.

Write down all of the things, which you want to be, do, or have, whether they are financial, emotional, relational or health oriented. When you have all of the goals you can think of written down, grab another piece of paper and pick a goal from your list.

Write that goal at the top of your new paper.

Now, write down all of the steps in any order that you need to take in order to achieve that goal. If you don’t know all of the steps that you need to take, call an expert or someone in a related field and ask them to help you with the list. Do not be concerned about order, the key here is to get all of the steps down on paper.

After you have written down each step go through the list and put a number next to each item in the order that each step needs to be taken. Number the first step you must take #1, the second step #2 and so on.

You now have a blueprint that shows you exactly how to achieve your goal and you can do this for all of the goals you listed in the first part of this exercise. Now you simply need to take action to get to where you want to be.

Any questions??