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Positive vs. Negative

Some have asked how there could be such conditions as positive and negative, if everything is an aspect or manifestation of Absolute Reality.

The fact that everything is an aspect or manifestation of Absolute Reality does not negate differences between positive and negative. In other words, they share the same substance, consciousness and origin, but they are equivalent in form, where one is, and function, where one is going.

Both positive and negative originate with freewill. Freewill originates with individuated consciousness, and individuation of consciousness originates with the projected differentiation of unified infinite intelligence, into an infinity of finite intelligences.

Positive and negative differ in form and function, in the following manner: while positive signifies aligning freewill with Reality at large, negative implies aligning freewill solely with the individuated fragment of Reality within. Whereas “positive” is the prodigal son returning home to rule with the Father, “negative” aims to usurp the position of Father. Whereas “positive” is gradually merging with infinity, “negative” is the futile attempt of becoming one’s own infinity.

Whether the “self” chooses positive or negative, either path will contain equal potential for evolutionary growth. But there is more to Reality than “self” – there is also “other,” and this is where positive and negative ultimately differ; negative, acknowledging only the reality of “self”, means serving only the “self”, denying service to “other” and creating imbalance within the ALL. Positive acknowledges both and thus serves both, bringing balance to ALL..While either path is equally evolutionary to the individual in question, they are not equal in context of Reality, as a whole. Negative always contains an element of ignorance and imbalance absent in the positive.

Any questions??