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Bad news sells soap

Be selective in what you allow into your mind. Hang around the meditation room, not the trash bin.

If you get your daily news from the 'lame stream media,' you have noticed that 'the news' is filled with almost all “bad news”. Bad news not only gets peoples attention but it is also good business. The 'lame stream media' supports itself by catering to advertisers. Advertisers know that it is easier to sell a product from an emotional state, rather than factual. Fear is an emotion most readilly induced. Thus, bad news generates fear, which helps sell soap.

You may not be consciously aware of it but when you take in tons of bad news through the television, newspaper, magazine, Internet news sites, etc, you are actually putting yourself in alignment with that mood subconsciously. When you become conciously aware of television's pervasive influence, you may do as I did many years back... throw it away, give it away.

Perhaps you will nott get as depressed as the person who lost their house in a cyclone but you will find it difficult to be happy, while taking in negative stories like that consistently, which will limit the joy you experience, in your everyday life. Questions like this are going to hput yourself in the place of a victim, which will sadden and depress you.

Only take in information that aims to serve you in a positive way. Stop watching the news and reading the paper except for essential segments that you need to function in your career or finances. If it isn’t something that you need to know to survive, stop taking it in.

You might be thinking “Whoa, how am I going to know what’s going on in the world?” and the truth is, there is very little in the news that you would ever need to know. The 'news', as you receive it is extremely biased and not very factual. It is what corpgov wishes you to know. The facts are also too negative. I am resigning my position as Secretary General of a human rights organization simply to allow some recovery time for my psyche.

I challenge you to not take in any news programs or read any news publications for 7 days. If you can make it that long, I promise that you will realize that you really do not need all of that news, which does nothing but bring you down.

Any questions??