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Wonder drugs

Please understand that I am not encouraging you to use pharmaceuticals. I am simply trying to show you what big pharma has available. I call them 'wonder drugs', because I wonder why anyone would put such a thing in their body. The body can produce all the substances needed, if you maintain the body's proper functioning. The kriyas, which I previously described, are more effective than any of these chemical substitutes.

DHEA ( dehydroepiandrosterone) is probably society's new wonder drug. It is promoted as the 'magic' that will make you smarter, thinner, healthier and forever young. Imagine.. little pills will do everything for you and you do not need to do anything for yourself.

DHEA is called the body's 'mother hormone' because it is a precursor steroidal hormone that can be converted into other steroidal hormones, including estrogen and testosterone. It is the most abundant steroid in your bloodstream and is found throughout the body. DHEA is, however, 6.5 times more concentrated in your brain's neurons than in your blood.

Most people achieve their peak levels of serum DHEA levels, when in their mid-twenties. I have about ten percent now, as I did in my twenties.

Because DHEA is produced by the adrenals, it is part of the body's rsponse to stress. Your doctor may not know about it because it occurs naturally in the human body. Thus, it can not be patented and promoted by the drug salesmen. You can test for DHEA levels with a blood, urine, or saliva test. Females should be aware that it may produce unwanted facial hair, if you decide to experiment with it.

There are much simpler ways of controlling adrenal output, of which I'll write, in the future.

Any questions??