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The Toolbox

Let's inventory our toolbox, we have almost all the tools needed for diminishing the waistline and increasing my cognitive abilities.

First, you have your brain and a basic background on your brain waves, specifically your theta waves. I have not yet written the java script to put you in a theta state, for demonstration purposes... I'll get to it.

Next, I directed you to the best weight loss method on the web and gave you a 300 page book on the subject. This is the program I am using and I have shed 2 kg, 4.4 pounds, since 5 January.

I then introduced you to the subject of mudras, or hand positions. I know I lost a few of you here, because you tried the examples and they had no immediate effect on you. They will over time and with practice. Please understand that I have been doing these things longer than some of you have been on earth... I have had lots of practice but not much experience in teaching over the web.

If you do nothing else, BREATHE and continue breathing. I introduced such a simple exercise, some people doubt its significance. Trust me on this, practice this exercise and I will introduce others.

Our toolbox is not complete but there is enough there to introduce some kriyas. Kriya is simply yoga jargon for a flow, or process. In other words, do a series of simple exercises in an organized sequence to build a synergistic effect.

I need to intorduce you to naad, or nadam, meaning sound, which will be used during the kriyas. And you need to know something about mantra. Most yoga practitioners chant mantras. I don't. It has never appealed to me but I do use mantra, as a way of giving myself powerful supporting suggestions.

Coming up in the future is ingestion... the foods, drinks, vitamins and pharmaceuticals that can aid and hinder your cognitive abilities, as well as your waistline. The time of day for ingesting various substances and the order in which they are ingested is also a very important subject.

This is not a 'quick cure' process, unless you want to load up on pharmecauticals, which can have some nasty side effects. If you are in your fifties or sixties, you may be saying to yourself, "I am not as good as I once was, but I am as good once, as I ever was." You are recognizing a degenerative condition and thinking that it is the normal aging process. Perhaps it is, but whatever can degenerate can also regenerate.

Any questions??