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Theta brain wave demonstration

As my wife has so kindly stated, little boys get fascinated with playing with different parts of their bodies and the little boy in me is fascinated with playing with his brain. She is right and I suppose we all have fascinating parts. Her's is her larynx... being a soprano for fifty years, she is like an athlete in constant training.

Previously, I stated that I could put my brain in any state, at will, by adjusting my brain waves. I don't know if that is exactly the case. I might be putting my brain in a state and it is reflected by the brain waves. This is not a skill unique to me. Any experienced meditator can do the same.

My purpose for demonstrating the theta state is to give the non-meditators a feel for the meditative state. At one time I foolishly taught meditation and was always asked, "How do I know I am meditating? How does it feel?" So, I cannibalized some old tube type radios and built a tuneable multi-sine wave generator. I'd put a pair of earphones on my victim and synchronize their brain's right and left hemispheres, into whatever stated I designated.

Our brains are a fascinating multi-function organ, with many abilities and aspects and with several built in filtering systems, which are used to filter out the 'noise' of constant stimulation. Each hemisphere is more sensitive to certain stimulation/response than the other. With all sorts of stimulus/response potential, how does the brain stay balanced, not get overloaded on one side and under used on the other?? By subtraction!! For example, if right lobe is stimulted to a frequency(measured as Hz, or Hertz) of x and the left is stimulated to a frequency of y, the brain simply subtracts one from the other and settles at the difference.

If a rhythm of 300 Hz is put in one side and 291 Hz in the other the brain quickly settles at a balnce of 9 Hz... an alpha rhythm. If 300 Hz is put in one side and 296 Hz in the other, we get a deep theta state, as experienced in meditation. I had in mind to offer you a deep theta, with subtle overtones of alpha, by modulating the rhythms, at set intervals. It is similar to composing music and music is often written to have similar effects. My old friend and ashram resident, Roop Verma is an expert in this form of music composition.

Brain waves and analog sine wave generators are no challenge for me, but everything is now digital and I have spent the past week hacking together a digital demonstration and trying to find a method to serve it up through a web page. There were several technical challenges to overcome. Eg. your PC's sound card operates at 14,100 Hz, so a 0.02% error can render the results unpredictable and sound over the internet is compressed, usually using the mp3 method, by which more than 80% of the sound is subtracted!

So, I came up with a DOS program (yeah, I predate Bill Gates, so I can think in DOS, which I learned before he stole it from IBM), which I can intsruct to generate specified frequencies and output the sequences to an uncompressed lossless .wav file. It works perfectly.

My first victim was my wife, who always wanted to have an 'out of body' experience. I explained to her that 'out of body' was easily induced by releasing her from the bondage of time. (There is a very complex philosophical and/or quantum theory explanation for this 'bondage of time' subject, which we will not go into.) I wrote a program to release time, put the earphones on her very sceptical head. Three hours, 22 minutes and twenty-three seconds later the program had finished and she asked when it was going to begin. She had no out of body experience but no experience of time. She needed to be shown that three hours had past, not 2 minutes. I need to fine tune the program to get her 'out of body.'

The .wav file for the theta wave demonstration was 377 megabytes, which would need several hours to transfer to our web server and forever to get delivered to your browser. The program outputs about 5 megabytes of information for each minute of run time and it needs a bit of time to get you settled into an enjoyable experience. So, I reasoned that people are generally in an alpha state, when sitting at their computers and I'd be able to create a much shorter program to balance their alpha, but induce moments of deep delta, sleep state, and bits of theta, for contemplation. The intent was to give you a very restful 'catnap.' This file was only 35 megabytes, uncompressed.

Now, all I needed to do was serve it up on a web page. Rather than requiring you to download a 35 megabyte file, I wanted to stream the audio, through a 'flash' container, which I made for a musician friend. I put he .wav file on the server, wrote a small webpage with the 'flash' container and got my wife out of bed for the demo (it was 3:00AM, by this time). called the webpage, clicked on the 'play' button of the page, waited a few seconds for the .wav file to load and heard the sounds of a toilet flushing loudly.

It is a good thing that we live in a remote area, because we were laughing loudly for a very long time.

Any questions??