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Be All You Can Be

I know I stated that I wished to be done with the alphabet soup of vitamins by Sunday, today. But, I wish to clear the air, before I continue. (I find vitamins to be a rather boring subject, anyway)

The most email response, to date, has been from people who wanted to get stoned and could not find the mp3 file, after I took it down. I also got a few responses from the opposite side of the spectrum from people who though it inappropriate that I post an image of a man smoking a spliff. I find both extremes amusing.

The second greatest response, to date, comes from yesterday's comment, "...fourth, I am not as lazy as most of you, who have not 'had the time' to do the suggested kriyas every day." I triggered some hot buttons, yesterday. A typical response was:

> "I received your latest e-mail on supplements and "fat lazy indolent" > people who weren't doing the suggested kriyas... > I am not personally offended at your choice of disparaging words, but > on behalf of people who might be I just wanted to let you know that I > am unsubscribing from future newsletters. > I don't know how you can send a statement like this to your > subscribers "And, fourth, I am not as lazy as most of you, who have > not 'had the time' to do the suggested kriyas every day."

> "Your choice of words is neither wise, nor helpful, and is in fact > hurtful and rude.

>"I am disappointed as I found that aside from your occasional > ego-centric rambling, there were actually informative and interesting > subjects that you covered."

I do not direct this blog at anyone but me. I write for me. I do not know who reads my messages, or why they would want to read my messages. My motive is very simple... it is good for me to take some time, each morning, and support my programs for my self. As a result of posting the messages on our web site, I have made many valuable internet friends, for which I am grateful. The fact remains, however, I do not care if anyone reads this and subscribes or unsubscribes to the daily email. The newsletter software is self-maintaining. I don't know who puts themselves on the mail list or take themselves off. I could look at the data base but I have not.

I do see the numbers, however. I know how may people are in each database and my server logs tell me daily, how many people, visited each page, daily, how long they stayed, where they went next and in what country they live. Looking at the numbers, shows me that Pareto's 80/20 Rule, also known as Juran's Principle, holds true, even in cyberspace.

The 80/20 Rule follows the observation of the "vital few and trivial many", the principle that 20 percent of something always are responsible for 80 percent of the results. does a bit better - 62% of the visitors click away in less than 30 seconds. On most web pages the number is closer to 80%. Of the visitors, who read for 2 minutes, or more, 20% of them visit an additional page. The number of subscribers to the daily mail is exactly 20% of the site visitors. 20% of the people on the mail list actually respond by email, with their comments.

Going by the numbers, I know that at least 80% of you are doing nothing for your health, weight loss, or cognitive enhancement.... and I know that 80% of you have not read this far because "I am not as lazy as most of you, who have not 'had the time' to do the suggested kriyas every day."

Prove me wrong... I say only 20% of you will respond to this message and of the 20%, who respond, 80% have a body mass index over 25. A body mass index is used to designate normal, over-weight, obese and morbidly obese, by a simple formula - multiply your height in inches by your height in inches ( in other words height squared); divide your weight in pounds by height squared and multiply the result by 703. Or, go here, if math is not your thing.

Between 18.5 and 24.9 is normal weight. My BMI had surged to 24.7, which alerted me to the fact that I need to do something. 25 to 29.9 indicates that you are overweight. 30 to 34.9 indicates that you are obese. Above 35 indicates that your are morbidly obese.


I'll continue with the B vitamins, tomorrow and hope to be clear of the vitamin alphabet soup, on Monday.

Any questions??