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What to do?

In the pursuit of "diminishing the waistline and increasing my cognitive abilities", you may have noticed that I tend to look at things from a macro view, before spiraling in toward the details. For example, I began discussing brain waves, before directing you to the beneficial use of theta waves. And I have not told you how to do anything, yet.

This is by design, not omission. Yogic methods are different from the Western methods, to which you are more accustomed. Yogis tend to proceed from a state of being and most Westerners are accustomed to proceed in a state of doing. I know this dichotomy very well, since it is a constant lesson for me.

So today, you get something to do...Put in your toolbox a great tool from the legendary engineer, John Walker, the founder of AutoDesk and the author of AutoCad, which has revolutionized the designing and engineering of virtually everything. John and I have much in common... we are both refugees from the USA, we each married a Swiss woman and became Swiss citizens, and we both study conciousness, but in very different ways, even though we both were schooled to think as engineers. John wrote and donated the program to view and follow my progress paddling from Geneva to South Africa, from any point in heaven!

The tool is called The Hacker's Diet (How to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition), which you can read online, or dowload in PDF (1.3MB compressed). He also has an online program, which you can use to monitor your progress. I will be installing the program on, for my subscribers. (for you skeptics... this is free, no cost... we do not sell anything here)

The Hacker's Diet is unique in many ways, mainly because it works and it works better than any external program that I have ever seen. John has taken his personal need to reduce excess weight, which he accumulated by snacking, while writing millions of lines of compeuter code. He is an engineer and took a systems approach to the problem of weight loss. From an engineer's point of view, he saw his lack of control toward munching, as resulting from a defective feed-back loop in his body's regulatory system and as an engineer, it was much more efficient for him to devise an external, rather than an internal, control system.

Read the book, do as it says for the next 10 days and you will be ready to get with the program. Meanwhile, I'll tell you a few things about the internal control systems.

Any questions??