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Personal Social Responsibility (PSR)

The preceding method is exceedingly effective at making positive changes in one's life. In this Western culture of the marketplace, many of these changes can be measured in units of monetary value. Some yogis disdain the use of spiritual methods for monetary gain. I do not agree because monetary units are simply a method of keeping score and are a manifestation of Absolute Reality, as is evertything.

By studying the arguments of those who disagree, one can always learn. Thus, I have added PSR to the method. Firstly, because it appeals to my own sense of balance. Secondly, because it increases the results and helps sustain the method, in the long term. It is also a great example of WIN, WIN, WIN practices, of which I will write in the future.

If the positive changes in your life can be measured in terms of monetary value, it is important to express your gratitude for your abundance and success, by giving something in return. I suggest that you make one of your goals the donation of a fixed percentage of your monetary gain to helping others. The easiest way to do ythis is by supporting a charity or human rights group, which appeals to your own sense of justice.

Initially, set a goal to donate whatever percentage feels right to you, at this time. Set another goal to raise the percentage, as your success, abundance and prosperity continues to increase.

These two goals will help you in many ways. Firstly, you will have direct knowledge that you are helping yourself, as well as others. Secondly, you will notice that monetary value is in almost infinite supply and the more you share the more comes to you. This sharing of abundance can often become so great that you could need to employ others to help you share. This is then the time to set up a private foundation, as have many others. Thirdly, and most important to me, is that as units od monetary value increase, they have less apparent value to you. They may become meaningless and then you will be ready to use this method and others for your spiritual growth, exclusively.

If you want or need, be that which you want or need. If you want to have something, give it away.

Any questions??