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Control Yourself

Several of you have written to me and stated that you tried this or that and nothing happened... why?? And, I describe instant responses... how is that??

Yoga is defined as the union of body, mind and spirit. Most of you are rather disconnected from this union. Intellectually, the union of body, mind and spirit seems like a good idea, but in fact, it takes a bit of practice and dedication, before one can integrate this union into one's life. For me, this process of integration was most difficult. However, after decades of practice, most of the skills, which I have shown and will be showing you are integrated into my life to the point where the results are nearly instantaneous and the act itself, is often performed on a subconcious level.

Your disconnection between body, mind and spirit is an un-natural condition, which is forced on you by the society, in which you live, or, it is a lesson imposed upon you by a physical, mental, or spiritual illness.

Taking personal responsibility for your union of your body, your mind and your spirit is a revolutionary, as well as evolutionary, act. In fact, it is illegal in many countries. For example, there are many things, which, if I taught them in France, I could be charged with crimes but these same skills can be taught in neighboring Switzerland.

58% of my readers are from the USA, where the US Con-gress is actually enacting laws concerning 'thought crimes.' In the USA, big pharma pays huge amounts to big religion to influence big government. In one view, this is a form of yoga - the union of corp-gov, corp-media and corp-religion and with this union they convince the population that it is the land of the free!!

So, your autonomic or enteric systems malfunction, when you first attempt to take control. You have been programmed from birth to take a pill, or rely on some external form of "therapy." The entrenched controllers of society do not want you to be self-sufficient and in self-control of your life.

So, much for the macro answer. On the micro level, my skills as a teacher are purposely undeveloped and this attempt to convey information via the web is a skill set, to be learned. The background information, such as the biochemistry and endocrinology are easy subjects for me to summarize. The more subtle yoga skills often operate at a subconscious level and I need to look at them consciously and describe them better. For example: When I described the mudra for controlling the heart's rcovery rate after stress, I gave the technically correct description of joining the tips of the thumb, index finger and middle finger but in practice, I add an act that I am no longer concious of doing... I blow, or exhale powerfully over the tips of the fingers, while they are in that mudra. This act of blowing brings an additional system into play, which speeds things. As traditionally taught, mudras must be held for 24 minutes, which is the point where I generally lost interest in learning that particular skill. The skills I teach are the ones that work for me and my nature is such that it needs instant satisfaction. :>}

In sharing with you, what I am doing with myself, I look at the task like this...Suppose you had the problem of cleaning a dirty ink bottle that is fastened to the table. You can't pick it up and empty the ink out. What will you do? You pour clean water in and the ink and the dirt will spill out. You keep pouring in clean water until all the ink and dirt have been washed out and the bottle contains nothing but clean water. In the same way, it is not possible to empty the mind by throwing out the contents of consciousness and making it blank; but what one can do is to keep pouring clean water of thought, into the mind until the dirt spills out.

Of course, big pharma can supply you with chemicals to do the same and controlling yourself takes practice.

I promise... tomorrow, you'll get to do something.

Any questions??