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Your story

Do you ever have the feeling that something is wrong and you do not know what?...That you are being fed lies, but you do not know by whom?... That there is something wrong with the way society defines your success, but you just can not identify the error? Do you think there must be more to life than getting a job, making some money, working until you're sixty or seventy, only to retire to a sunny clime?

There is something wrong. We are living our lives based on cultural myths, which define who we should be, not who we might wish to be. Myths, which tell us the planet was created for humanity, greed is good, hierarchal power is progress, money is the only path to happiness, and self-advancement, at the cost of others, is simply the way of the world.

These myths are told to us by a hierarchal society that wants to keep order. A society that says cultural advancement is for the good, yet as generations pass, we're becoming more and more unhappy. We have bought into society's trappings of success — bigger cars, better houses, the latest hi-tech gadgets, more holidays, trend-setting clothes—but none of these things brought us true happiness, because none of these things brought us closer to ourselves.

The good news is that we are living in a time of cultural change, which is happening because more and more people are asking the hard questions: Who am I? What is my part in this world? Why does it matter? These questions help us break out of the myths taught by 'Mother Culture' and allow us to find our own truth. Our life's purpose.

When we find our answers, we no longer need to play a bit part in a corporation's movie, reading a script we did not write, acting out a role we do not recognize and living a life we did not intend. It is a revelation to know we have another choice.

The stability of these other choices relies on us finding new stories to replace the old myths. Stories based on truth, not fiction. Stories which tell us, who we really are.. All we need to do is be willing to create the difference we want to see in the world.

The stories you have believed so far have been created by politicians, the media and by large corporations. Changing the laws, ideals, and beliefs created or supported by these institutions is done much in the same way — by telling and repeating stories.

The advancement of humanity is based on telling stories. Every time we converse with a friend or a coworker, we exchange stories. Every time we talk to ourselves, we tell a story. Our interpretation of reality is based on the version of stories we were told. Our everyday decisions are based on which story we believe.

Any questions??