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Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are not only used by advertising moguls trying to get us to buy another can of coke, or authoritarian politicians trying to convince you that the war on terrorism is good for you. They can also be employed to make serious and lasting change in your life.

Subliminal is defined as “below the threshold of consciousness”. Subliminal messaging refers to the act of sending messages direct to the powerful subconscious mind, the part of your brain that controls everything from memory to body temperature to providing your conscious mind with its core traits.

The most famous experiment in subliminal messaging history was conducted by pioneer Dr James Vicary, who repeatedly flashed the words “I want popcorn” and “Drink more coke” in front of a movie audience for just 100-milliseconds. Nobody officially “saw” the messages -- they were below the threshold of consciousness -- yet popcorn sales shot up 57.8% and coke sales increased 18.1%.

You can easily put the power of subliminal messaging to work for you!

Begin by identifying a few core goals you wish to achieve, right now. For example, you may wish to learn faster or quit smoking. Write that goal down as a simple, short, positive affirmation -- such as “I am a quick learner” or “I am ready to quit smoking”. Goals must always be stated in the first person singular, present tense.

Write your affirmation, clearly and in thick black marker pen, onto a white index card. Create three-or-so cards, each with an affirmation focusing on your core theme, and store them next to your bed with a flashlight.

You then need to catch your mind in a highly receptive state, by waking it up in the middle of the night, when the door to your subconscious is wide open.

Set your alarm clock for 3:00AM, then go to sleep as normal. As soon as you hear the ring, turn off the alarm and -- almost instinctively -- pick up the affirmation cards and your flashlight. The room should be unlit.

Next, flick the flashlight on and off very quickly a dozen times over each affirmation card. While doing this, stare at the cards. Do not consciously try to make out the words. These subliminal messages are for the subconscious. When you are done, simply turn off the flashlight, put down the cards and return to sleep. It will take only two minutes of your time and I guarantee you will fall straight back into deep and restful slumber.

You have “sent” a bundle of subliminal messages straight to your subconscious. What follows is exciting!

After the first few nights of using this technique, most individuals report problem-solving dreams that assist in their goals or influence their decisions. After a week, and almost all participants note a serious movement toward their core goal. Their leaning speed improves dramatically. Their nicotine addiction is cut in half. The change is happening... from within.

I challlenge you to try this system.

Any questions??