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Be F.E.A.R.

Our Western minds are trained to function from a state of 'doing' but yogis try to function from a state of 'being'. Today, I suggest that in order for you to become comfortable with your angers, worries and f.e.a.r., you experiment in being F.E.A.R.

If F.E.A.R. equals False Expectations Appearing Real and F.E.A.R. is the root of anxiety, dread, fright and worry, how does one become F.E.A.R.? It is easy - act as if and believe it.

For me, this was an early childhood lesson because I was a child on the streets of New York City. For my Swiss compatriots, it is about time you learn this. I often tell my wife that you can take the boy out of the city but you can not take the city out of the boy.

There are many opportunities for a young boy to experience fear, anxiety, dread and worry, on the streets of "the city". One quickly learns that if one does not master one's F.E.A.R., one quickly becomes a victim, as that which appears to be real, quickly becomes one's reality. A young street boy learns to master his fear by becoming fearsome. He may look like a little boy but in his mind, he is fearsome.

This game does not apply only to city boys. I watch a five year old neighbor boy, who is afraid of his father's chickens. He won't go into the chicken area to collect the eggs but will strut around the chicken area with a big stick, when he is outside the enclosure and the hens are inside. It is amusing to watch but he is 'being' his F.E.A.R., by acting "as if".

This "fearsomeness" is a useful skill and like all skills can be used positively and negatively. Those that practice it negatively are called 'bullies', and they use the skill to intimidate those who have not learned the game.

How is this a "positive skill"? When you practice being F.E.A.R., you will notice that you induce F.E.A.R., worry, anxiety or dread in an other being. The purpose of acting fearsome is not to induce these feelings in others but to illustrate to your self how foolish this F.E.A.R. business really is.

You know that you are not a being who wants to be or should be feared and you also know that causing someone worry or anxiety is generally not your purpose in life. So, why should this other being experience F.E.A.R., as a reaction to you. In this manner you show yourself the foolishness of F.E.A.R.. In other words, if the hen is afraid of you, why should you be afraid of the hen?

In the same manner, you will easily see the foolishnes in experiencing F.E.A.R., worry, anxiety and dread, in your own life.

Any questions??