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It is almost one in the morning and I have been working since four in the morning, yesterday. My energy is flagging and I need to write something semi-inspiring. What to do?

Accept the present, as it is.

OK, maybe it is not perfect, but it is reality, for now. It will not be reality forever. As the immortal saying goes, this too will pass.

However, there is an important universal law to observe which simply states "that which you resist persists". It is a derivative of the law of attraction which in its simplest form is about one's life experiences reflecting the energy one puts out to the world. That energy comes from one's thoughts, and most especially one's feelings.

If energy is focused on struggling with a situation in one's life, one will continue to attract that struggle. Resisting present circumstances, usually sets up a mindset of worry, and places stress on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, in the present. It reduces the capacity, of one's inner resources, to deal with the situation, in a creative, constructive manner. The more depleted the inner resources become the more difficult it will be to cope with the situation, find solutions and move beyond it.

When one tunes into intuition and allows oneself to be guided by it, one will realize how much easier formerly assumed “challenges” have become... how much good fortune lands in one's lap (some call it synchronicity, I call it serendipity)... how good one feels – at ease with life experiences.

When one accepts the reality of this moment, one liberates energy and inner strength to move through and beyond a situation . Acceptance is not denying or ignoring the circumstance. Acceptance acknowledges the full truth of the present situation, recognizes the difference between where one is and where one wants to be, provides the motivation to move in that direction.

Acceptance empowers one to move forward. Resistance keeps one stuck, or static. We are not designed to be static. Accept that which needs to be done and move forward, gently, and with hope. It might not always be easy, but in the long run all will be well.

Obviously, I wrote this to myself... How did I do?

Any questions??