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The program

Everybody asks me to tell tham what they should do

It is not a matter of 'doing.' It is a matter of 'being.' The questions are of vision versus programs.

A vision is how you see reality and your relationship with it. A program is something you do. If you have an operative vision, you do not need programs. Vision sustains itself. In the following pages, I will offer two programs, a verbose program and a succinct program.

Why? Firstly, people are looking for something to do, in order to 'fix' something. Secondly, the dominant vision for our culture, which I call the creation/salvation myth, is so ingrained that I find it easier to offer a program than to change the vision. Thirdly, this dominant vision has so many subtle contradictions, causing so much conflict and difficulty, that people are looking for something to do.

Why do I offer a succinct and verbose? People need to look at things, in different ways, before they 'get it.'

If I offer something beneficial to do (program), you will eventually begin to see your relationship with reality differently (vision). You will not need to do, for you will know to be.

People feel, at some level, something is missing from their lives. They are not satisfied; things do not make sense; they want or need something other, but are confused about the identity of that other. Life is difficult.... they suffer. This is all a result of a misunderstanding. People do not understand the relationship of the Self and the not-self, of mind and matter (especially of mind and body), and of feelings and knowledge. Man has difficulties and suffers because he does not understand the relationships within his family, or in his choice of friends, or in his work environment. These latter three are the specialties of my wife. See here.

If man understood his real relationship with the universe, he would not suffer, for misunderstanding is the root cause of suffering, ill-health, mental difficulties and confusion.

Unfortunately, this brief introduction needs to suffice, for a while. I am dilligently pushing forward on my translation of the yoga sutras. here

Onward to the introduction to the 10 minutes per day program.

Any questions??