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A basic kriya

As I have stated previously, a kriya is a process comprising of a group or string of techniques, which builds a synergistic effect. In other words, the result is greater than the indivudual parts. We will begin with a kirtan kriya which increases your creatuvity, intuition and mental energy.

The kriya involves chanting/ singing/ saying primal sounds that signify stages of life. They are SA, which means birth, infinity or the cosmos; TA, which means life or existence; NA, which means death or completion; and MA, which means rebirth. (It is not necessary to remember the meanings.)

Say each of these words repeatedly, in order: SA TA NA MA. The 'a' in these words is soft, as in 'ah'.

Repeat these words, while sitting with your spine straight, and your mental energy focused on the area of your brow, or forebrain. Focus of mental energy on this spot stimulates your pituitary gland, so it will also assist in your weight loss efforts. You can find this spot by rolling your eyes to the top of your nose, meaning the root of your nose, not the tip.

For two minutes, say the words in your normal voice, which yogis call "the voice of action." For the next two minutes, repeat the words in a whisper, which yogis call "the voice of the lover." For the next three minutes, chant or ding the words silently, which yogis call " the divine voice." The reverse the order whispering for two minutes and then chanting aloud for two minutes, for a total of eleven minutes.

Let's add some mudras or finger positions to enhance the effects. On SA, touch the index fingers of each hand to the tip of the thumb. On TA, touch your middle fingers to the tip of the thumb. On NA, touch your ring fingers to their thumb. And, on MA, touch the little fingers to the thumb tip. Now remember to sit with your spine straight and your mental energy focused on your forebrain, or brow. This will take a bit of coordination and practice. You may feel a little silly doing this but only because of its unfamiliarity. There are no negative effect from doing this wrong; only positive effects for continued practice.

To come out of the kriya, inhale very deeply, stretch your hands above your head and bring them down in a sweeping motion, as you exhale. One tends to get "high" from some of these kriyas and this bringing the hands down in a sweeping motion, as you exhale, re-roots or grounds you.

Tomorrow, I'll give you a kriya for the pineal gland, which is as short and easy as the pituitary kriya above.

On another note: I had said that I'd write a javascript for inducing a theta brainwave state. I wanted to use java script, so that I could put the theta state demo onto a web page. This is beyond the capabilities of java script, or beyond my abilities. However, I went back to the basics and now have a program written in DOS, which will enable me to program various brain states, within Theta. Be patient, I need to discover how to embed the results of the DOS program in a web page, without causing undue stress on your computer's anti-virus programs.

Any questions??