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Increase blood flow to the brain

This exercise not only increases blood flow to the brain but also enhances cognitive function and stimulates proper function of the endocrine system.

Sit, with spine straight, with your arms out to your sides and your fingers pulled back from your palms and tensed, as if they were claws gripping an imaginary tennis ball.

Raise your arms and cross them over your head (alternating right over left and left over right), then bring them back down to your sides and release the tennis ball.

Repeat this motion, powerfully and rhythmically, as you begin to do the breath of fire, coordinating one inhale and exhale with each movement of the arms. Begin practicing this slowly and work up to a speed of one repetition per second. This exercise done to the max requires coordination and endurance.

Continue without stopping for three minutes, then thrust your tongue out, as far as it will go, and continue to move arms with breath of fire for 15 more seconds.

Then inhale and hold your arms up at a 60° angle, for fifteen seconds. Exhale and repeat. Then inhale and hold the position for 15 seconds. Exhale and relax by meditating or listening to the sounds which I will give you, tomorrow.

The kriyas for cognitive enhancement will not get more complex, nor more difficult than this. I will be adding some refinements, organizing into a program and adding additional optional modalities. However, this exercise is not optional, it is necessary, so... practice, practice, practice.

Any questions??