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The Cascade

The image on this page represents the cascade of hormones, all derived from that which everyone is told is bad for them... cholesterol. At the very top of the cascade sits pregnenolone, the precursor hormone, also known as "the memory and mood hormone." All steroidal hormones are made from pregnenolone.

Pregnenololone is synthesized directly from cholesterol by the brain and peripheral nerves. Because pregneneolone is produced by the brain it is often called a neurohormone. It is also called an adaptogen, because it provides the base for the body's constantly changing needs. Ginseng root is also known as an adaptogen.

Pregnenolone has the ability to extend life span, increase resistance to breast cancers and reduce the tendency to obesity. It was used very effectively as an anti-arthritis agent in the 1930's. However, it has been replaced by synthetics.

Pregnenolone improves the transmission of impulses among neurons, and therefore has a positive effect upon memory and cognitive processing. People with depression typically have low levels of pregnenolone. In the US, it may be purchased without a prescription and most people get by on 50mg per day. I suggest that you will be better served by doing the kriyas.

Any questions??