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Follow Joy

Following joy is not one large step, like quitting your job and spending days sitting under a tree. That is not following joy - that is escaping. There is a big difference between following the things that truly excite and doing things to escape from a life that does not bring joy.

Find, in the present moment, the things that bring the most excitement, and then follow that excitement, even in the smallest way. This causes a chain reaction that brings more opportunities to do what you love to do.

The greatest difficulty, which people have with following joy, is trying to make a living and at the same time trying to follow joy. I have noticed that one of the very first things people fear is financial difficulties. Which is why people begin slowly following the path of joy, little by little, and letting things build upon themselves, slowly.

However, I will tell you this, whenever I followed my joy it always turned out to be the most financial rewarding thing at the end. When you follow you true joy, wherever that leads you, and even if it changes from time to time, then the details will work themselves out on their own. If you try to work out all the details and debate them to death, you will go insane before you find the right answer. But if you just follow your joy and what brings you excitement then you will end up doing what is best for you and everyone.

Whatever we desire is waiting for us to claim it. You have already learned you do not have to know the details or how do anything. All you have to do is focus on what you want. I can't take away your fears and doubts no matter how many pages I write. You will just need to trust yourself and the Power within you that you can truly follow your joy and do things in a way that bring you joy and have it all work out.

The greatest obstacle to happiness is not living in the present moment and not following your joy. The solution is to do just the opposite. If you find yourself focusing on the past or the future, remind yourself that the present moment is all there is, and then surrender to what is and see how life suddenly starts working for you.

If you put the same amount of effort into finding what gives you joy as you put into going to work at a job you dislike, you will end up with results that will make you think, “Why did I wait so long to do this?”

Follow your joy, whatever it may be; in whatever form it may come; let it come forth as it may; to be as it may. Let joy, excitement and uncensored creativity carve you into your Self.

Any questions??