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You Are Not the Body

Imagine that we are standing face to face. When I stand before you, talking to you, am I talking to the skin covering your face? Humans shed and re-grow outer skin cells about every 27 days, making almost 1,000 new skins in a lifetime. Your skin is just a disposable covering and by the time I finish saying a sentence to you, some of it is gone.

Each day about 50 billion cells in the body are replaced, resulting in a new body each year. The body is temporary. It can not be who you are. Every second, 500,000 of your body cells die and are replaced, so we need to keep this conversation short — much of you will be gone before we finish.

What am I speaking to, when I speak to you? I am certainly not speaking to your brain. Your brain is a collection of fat and protein and consists of 85% water squeezed into the dark enclosure of your skull. Ten thousand brain cells die each day, so if some of them had today's messages, no wonder you keep losing track of what your spouse tells you.

You are not your body. The body changes constantly. The body you had at age 10, when you could run like a rabbit, was a different body than you have at age 64, when you shuffle like a turtle, and the molecules in it have been replaced 60 times! Your previous year's body is different from this year's body, as will next year's body. The body is only flesh, bone and water, made of the same things as a bowl of warm stew. That is not you.

And so, when you talk to me, you know that you not talking to any part of my body, or even the tofu-like mush inside my skull. You are talking to me. You know implicitly that you and I are above and separate from the skin and the brain. You are not the body — you are greater than the body. The body is only a placemark to let people know where you are, and it has vocal cords, so you can vibrate the air to communicate. It has eyes, so you can see, ears, so you can hear, skin, so you can feel, and a nose, so you can smell. But, the 'you,'which is doing the seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling, is not in those organs. You are something greater.

You may be the mind, which is creating reality based on beliefs, assumptions and perspectives. I will look at that thought, on an other day.

Any questions??