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The breath of fire

The breath of fire is a powerful exercise, which always increases energy. It is the spark that ignites your personal flame. Three minutes of this exercise will increase your physical and mental energy for many hours.

Physiologically, it stimulates your splanchic nerves, in your abdominal cavity. This stimulation causes the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine.

The breath of fire may cause perspiration on your forehead. This is caused by the generation of psychic heat, called tapa. Don't be concerned about generating tapa, or not. It will come naturally as you practice, regularly.

To do the breath of fire, breathe through your nostrils rapidly - more than one inhalation per second. Do not pause between inhaling and exhaling. It is a good idea to keep some Kleenex nearby. If you have chronic clogged nose, or difficulty with nostril breathing, contact me and I'll tell you what needs to be done.

While doing the breath of fire, bring your diaphragm down, instead of up. This may take some practice, so start slowly to get it right. Your belly should expand, not your chest. Breathe from your diaphragm and keep your chest relaxed. Focus your mental energy on your naval area.

This exercise may induce a mild lightheadedness, similar to the feeling one gets from hyperventilation. Hyperventilation causes a decrease in serum carbon dioxide. The breath of fire maintains serum carbon dioxide level and increases oxygen levels. The breath of fire also produces alpha brain waves, which is why this exercise creates increased calmness and increased alertness.

The breath of fire increases oxygen delivery to the brain. Because of the increased oxygen delivery, neuronal metabolism is improved. Neurons are cleansed and rejuvenated.

This exercise has better effects and is better for you than your 'caffeine fix.' Practice this every day. We will be incorporating it into some kriyas, but for now, we'll keep things simple.

Any questions??