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Wealth, abundance and quantum theory

So what does quantum physics have to do with wealth and abundance? It may be more than you think. Go back and read my page on Introduction to Quantum Theory.. Let us review some points:
  • everything in our Universe is made up of sub-atomic particles that exist as ‘probabilities of existence’ and at the same time ‘multiple existences’
  • they also have behavior patterns of being wave-like and particle-like at the same time
  • this energy exists as waves spread out over space and time and only when you exercise observation do these waves become particles in space and time

Let’s see if we can break this down in regards to our discussion of wealth and abundance. Sub-atomic particles exist as energy in the form of waves with the capacity to exhibit multiple probabilities and existences upon observation. This being so, do you think that with your unique ability to visualize or ‘observe’ in your mind the reality of wealth and abundance, that you could actually create it over time?

Think about it…it’s not as crazy as you may think. Think about what makes up our perception of our solid world. No solid object is really solid. It is made up of 99.9% empty space. Within the atoms that make up everything, there are subatomic particles with a nucleus as the center of the atom. Surrounding this nucleus are electrons which orbit the nucleus at nearly the speed of light (speed of light is approx. 670,000,000 miles an hour…wheww!).

Let’s recap - we have tiny, tiny subatomic particles whirling around a nucleus in mostly ‘empty space’ traveling at nearly the speed of light. Now, let’s put this ‘empty space’ in perspective - imagine that the nucleus is the Sun; then that would mean the first orbiting electron would be approximitely Pluto. This is an atom in all its glory. Does that put it in perspective for you?

So what are we and our world, really? Could we possibly be a hologram? (See my page Does Objective Reality Exist, or is the Universe a Phantasm?)Could our lives be something like a television series? Think of a TV image. When you watch a movie, you see a person walking across the screen smoothly, yet in reality it is just a film reel with 24 slightly different frames per second flashing by so that your eyes do not detect the gap between the frames. Even each of those frames is a composition of billions of light photons flashing at the speed of light.

Could this be our world…rapid flashes of energy causing ‘illusions’ of being solid, inflexible and permanent? Or, is our world one of perception and choices from multiple probabilites and existences? If it is the latter, then perhaps if we change our perceptions of the world, we can change our reality.

Any questions??