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Spring is in the air, up here on Mont Pilat, and that means it is time for all sorts of Spring cleaning. (For readers in the southern hemisphere, one should also clean up in the Fall.) I have been cleaning the garden... getting rid of all manner of detritus, which is my signal to prepare to cleanse internally.

Those who have begun the daily neti nasal cleanse are discovering its advantages. In future pages, I am going to describe a blood cleanse, intestinal cleanse, liver cleanse and a frontal brain cleanse. Some you can do once each week; some can be done once each month; all should be done at least twice per year. Some will take you a few minutes to perform, others can extend for a month.

The simplest and most gentle method of cleansing is fasting. Give your body a rest break, do not eat. In Sanskrit, the word for fast is "upvas." This literally means, "sitting near to...". Sitting near to whom? The answer...near to God. For those of you, who have so little time to care for yourself, the 24 hour fast will help and may convince you to continue with additional cleansing.

Prepare by making a lemon and water mixture: Use approximately two cups of lemon juice to about 20 cups of water with a little sweetener. This should make about 3 bottles for one day. If you begin to feel very cool, then add ginger to the water. (Bring a sweater to work if you'll be in an air conditioned environment.) You may sweeten the lemon water with a little maple syrup, black molasses or ghur (raw sugar) but don't use much. Save the enamel on your teeth and drink the lemon and water mixture through a straw. Sip on the lemon/water mix, as you feel the need, during your 24 hour fast.

Fast from sun-up until the next morning at breakfast, when you "break" the "fast." With a 24-hour fast, you shouldn't encounter much resistance from anyone in your family provided you keep it low-key. Go about your normal business and observe how you feel. Most people experience no difficulty with a 24-hour fast. You might experience a few hunger pangs and/or light stomach turbulence. By dinnertime you'll probably get hungry. That is the time to stay away from food! Go out for a nice walk or do some light exercise.

When you wake up the next morning, you will probably be hungry. Break your fast with some fresh fruit or steamed greens, but don't gorge yourself. Eat lightly several times during the day and keep drinking plenty of water to continue the cleansing process.

Fasting is like cleaning the house--it cleanses both your body and your mind. Fasting gives your body a rest and allows for the expulsion of toxins that have built up over time. Even after a 24-hour fast, I believe you will notice some benefits. Many people say they can think more clearly. Others observe that they can see things--literally and figuratively--more distinctly. Fasting has cumulative effects. The more often you do it, the more you will notice an intensifying of these positive effects.

Fasting is...a time of reflection...for peace of mind, body and spirit...a day of purify realize your Divine connection.

Tomorrow gives you a delicious 21-day fast.

Any questions??