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Je pense donc je suisse

What is in a name?

Identity is in a name. Understanding, of what and who, is in a name. Connection to and inclusion with is in a name. Comfort and a sense of calm are in a name. So it is that preachers and teachers gravitate towards their own kind. So it is that engineers and cooks seek solace in others of the same occupation. So it is that secretaries and doctors look to others in the same fields of endeavor for conversation and empathy. And so it is that 111 people have subscribed to this site, in only one month.

And I, what am I?       I don't know.

At one time, I thought I was a theosopher. At another time, I thought I was a theist. There was even a time I thought I was a sculptor. But no, as I leaned towards each of these I found they held no comfort, no solace no empathy for what it was that I was doing.

Today, recently, I think I may be a philosopher but even this seems inadequate, as a name.

I am unable to find any empathy in any of the three forms, three groups, of philosophers. The three forms, student of philosophy, teachers of philosophy, and the philosopher, seem to elude me. I know I am not a 'student' of philosophy for it is not other philosophies I immerse myself within. I know I am not a 'teacher' of philosophy for it is not other philosophies that I examine, critique, and teach.

This leaves only the possibility of being a philosopher, one who develops the philosophies, which students and teachers of philosophy immerse themselves within.

Though I can not imagine anybody but me doing such immersion, I feel a certain sense of connection here, a certain sense of identification. At this point in time, no other word, no other general term comes closer to expressing what it is I am trying to do, trying to explore, trying to explain. No other term seems to come closer to explaining the concept of developing a holistic system fusing Ontology, Cosmology, Physics and Metaphysics. No other classification seems to come closer to classifying what it is I am doing.

Ironically, Hegel has declared the death of metaphysics that lead to the concept of the death of God. Philosophy, for the most part, has accepted his eulogy. So where does that leave me? It leaves me without a name, without a sense of identity.

But does that really matter? In the long run, no. In the short run, yes. The net summation of present day's acceptance of the death of metaphysics leads the way to societies acceptance of the same. As such, science and religion have followed philosophy's lead and accepted the demise of metaphysics. Where then does this leave me? Where does this leave my work, the examination of first principle - you exist - which in turn gives rise to the concept that I exist. It leaves both in a state of limbo, a state the Catholic Church calls, Purgatory. (Hmmm, interesting thought.)

Any questions??