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Forgiving ourselves and others

As we come to know our reality in the deepest sense, we see the futility of holding on to accumulated resentments. It is time to drop them. Allow them to melt away.

One way to begin to do this is through extensive mutual forgiveness, beginning with our self. Realizing that we are not better or worse than anyone else and that we have contributed to emotional and physical suffering in the world, we become more humble and gentle, enfolding our being in loving acceptance.

It then becomes easier to extend that feeling to others. Looking far into the past, we think of those we blamed for creating pain in our lives, and, without condoning nor condemning their behavior, we cease to judge them. We can seek qualities, which we cherish in them and seek the ways, in which they have added to our growth and awareness. In this way, we let go of our grudges and offer acceptance.

Next, we ask for forgiveness from everyone we have hurt or ignored knowingly or unknowingly. It is beneficial to ponder the suffering perpetuated by our greed, pride, or ignorance. By recognizing these blindspots in us, we can cease generating more cycles of pain.

We can then realize that to hurt or neglect another is to hurt or neglect oneself, and to forgive is to live closer to our Nature.

In a spirit of lightheartedness, our hearts may soften, healings are initiated and those who may have feared us, may bless us.

There is nothing more courageous and powerful in the world than the sweet vibrations of a forgiving and magnanimnous heart.

Any questions??