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The Full Toolbox

The toolbox is almost full. I have a few more minor tools to throw in but you have all that is required to maintain and improve your cognitive function. Over the next week, I will organize the use of the tools, into a program or plan. It seems people like to be told what to do. It is also time to begin preparing for Spring cleaning, both internally and externally. I'll describe what I do every Spring and you can follow along, if you wish. Hint: Find a good source for 12 liters of raw, unfiltered apple juice.

Be very careful with the pharmaceuticals and the supplements. A person, who diagnoses and prescribes for himself, is a fool. Every health professional is taught this and everyone thinks he is the exception to the rule. This is why allopathic medical doctors have the shortest life expectancies of all professions. They diagnose themselves and over-prescribe the wrong medications, for themselves. I have a remarkable and well-developed ability to look objectively, at my own body processes but I will not ingest supplements and pharmaceuticals, without professional advice.

Finding competent advice is a problem. I live in France, the country with the best medical system in the world, acording to the World Health Organization. In my opinion, it is incredibly good. Until I came to live in France, I could not imagine such a system. However, it is dominated by allopaths and 'big pharma.' Allopaths treat; they do not cure. They relieve symptoms, using their tools of cut, burn, or poison. If you do not have a condition, which can be treated by their interventions, you are deemed healthy. To me, that is an extremely low health standard. I do not want my body to degenerate to the point, where I need such traumatic intervention.

So, I have been searching Europe for a medical adviser. (I know of three in North America but I want someone local.) Most doctors do not want me as a client because my standard question is "WHY?" When a medical man diagnoses or attempts to prescribe for me, I want to know why, on the biological, physiological, chemical, neurological and psychological levels and then need to discuss the contraindications and interactions. Most medical doctors can not get past two levels of "WHY?" I want to consult with someone, who can follow me down nine and ten levels, before we get to "I don't know." Such people have usually graduated from great medical schools, became certified physicians, became frustrated with the limitations of allopathy and crossed trained in other modalities. By the way, 25% of medical school graduates leave the profession a short time after graduation and certification. They are generally frustrated and disillusioned.

On Friday morning, I left home at 8:00AM for a 2:30PM appointment with a doctor, who actually liked the idea of having a patient like me. He practices in France, in a suburb of Geneva. He is a certified medical doctor, who has been crossed trained in accupuncture, naturopathy, and homeopathy. I think I found my man. I explained my differential diagnosis resulting from my objective and subjective findings, told him what I was doing for them and told him what I wanted him to prescribe for me and why. In his analysis, my diagnosis was correct but my request for prescriptions was rather crude. He recommended some subtle variations an what I am doing for myself, with phyto-nutient combinations and added his prescription to the mix.

I am researching his recommendations. I think they are valid suggestions but I will do my research, before I ingest. This is how I learn.

I have been suggesting, in previous posts, that we all must increase our intake of lecithin. It is absolutely necessary, if you are over 45 and wish to prevent or remedy cognitive deterioration. You can not take too much. Of all the things that I recommended over the past two months, the kriyas are the most effective and lecithin supplementation is the second. The difficulty is finding good lecithin, which also has many industrial uses and is produced by giant multi-nationals like Archer, Daniels, Midland, from genetically modified soy. I have located a small company with a cold press oil extractor, in southern France and have found a source of certified bio (in Europe), organic (in North America) soy beans. And, a local farmer would love to feed the left over 'cake' to his chickens. Next week, I hope to be able to connect all the dots. If you are in Europe and wish a source of lecithin, contact me.

Any questions??