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Cleansing Cautions

Yesterday, was my day for Poorna Shankaprakshalana, the long form of the intestinal wash. I did not get to absolutely clear water discharge but a salt water solution is cloudy. I stopped when I felt it was enough.

Last week, a different cleanse was presented each day and I was astonished at the number of questions and comments, which resulted from each day's presentation. These cleansing practices are very powerful - question them, research them and decide if they are beneficial for you. The cleanses, which were presented, are cleanses that I have been doing for decades, as they have evolved in my use over the years. You can research each one of them through Google and find many descriptions of many variations. Each of us is unique in body, mind and spirit and each of us has a personal responsibility to learn how to care for ourselves.

Astonishing, also, was the number of readers, who immediately tried the short form of the intestinal wash, as if they were waiting for a procedure. Many were concerned with electrolyte imbalances resulting from the ingestion of 3 liters of salt water and some reduced the amount of salt in the mixture. I assured each that the saline solution does not remain in the body long enough to pass by osmosis into the blood stream. Later, each confirmed that nothing stayed inside very long, at all. The results for those that decreased the amount of salt in solution was the same a sif they used a saturated solution, as I do.

There were also concerns about the possibility of dehydration, which is a valid concern. As a control, I weighed myself before starting. Ingesting 3 liters of saline water would increase my body weight by three kilograms. After the cleanse, I was only 200 grams heavier than before. So, yes, I retained some saline solution and I was very thirsty. Over the next twelve hours, I drank four liters of unfiltered apple juice, containing cinnamon and lime juice, in preparation for next weekend's liver cleanse. This morning, the scale reveals that I have retained three of those four liters. I have had no solid food but have taken some probiotics to restore intestinal flora.

Research every detail. For instance, I add cinnamon to the apple juice, as a vermifuge. However, in the French language cinnamon is called cannele. Botanically, cinnamon is from the bark of Cinnamounum Zeylanicum, but there is a similar tasting spice called white cinnamon, which is from a West Indies' tree, Canella Alba, which is not useful as a vermifuge. The vermifuge is a methylketone, eugenol, and is only found in Cinnamounum Zeylanicum. Of course, the containers of cinnamon, at the local French health foods store, only say cannele and nobody knows much about anything. Two days of research reveals that the French cannelle is actually Cinnamounum Zeylanicum, from Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

The ingredients of the past week's cleanses are all commonly available and commonly consumed. What could be safer than air, water, table salt, spices, fruits, and olive oil? Assume nothing... ensure that you are getting the best of each. It is your body.

Any questions??