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More Cognitive Enhancement Drugs

The pharmaceutical industry calls cognitive enhancement drugs... nootropics. By giving them a name, with which to classify them, big pharma attaches proprietary rights to substances, which your brain produces naturally.

Melatonin is the hormone secreted by the pineal gland that helps control sleep cycles. Some of you are aware of my 'unusual' sleep schedules and the fact that I sleep with defined purposes, in each sleep period. Melatonin control, and thus pineal gland control, is a key factor. I have given you a pineal gland kriya, here. I suggest that you practice this daily, if you are over thirty tears of age. Otherwise, melatonin production declines with age. Melatonin is also produced, while meditating. Or, you can pop a pill... 1 to 3mg, daily.

Air travelers can significantly reduce the effects of air travel, jet lag, by maintaining high melatonin levels. The pineal kriya is a good thing to do before, during and after a long flight. I am also writing a brain wave program for this specific purpose... to be released, soon.

Big pharma has come up with another magic bullet, called Lucidril, known generically as centrophenoxine, which may reduce the accumulation of age associated pigmentation deposits, lipofuscin, on the brain. Imagine... a brain bleach!! It is one of the drugs given to Alzheimers patients but no studies show it is effective. Lucidril enhances the uptake of glucose and Lucidril is broken down by the brain into DMAE, which increases cholinergic function. You can do this yourself, through nutrition. I'll get to feeding the brain, in the future.

One more drug in the allopathic arsenal is Vinpocetine, generically vincamine, which enhances cerebral blood flow and thus, stimulate neuronal metabolism. The kriya for cognitive enhancement does the same thing, but Vinpocetine appears to have the ability to increase the blood flow only to the head and not to the rest of the body, which is useful for victims of a brain stroke. To my way of thinking, it is probably better to prevent the possibility of a brain and cardiac stroke by doing the kriya, daily. Vinpocetine is derived from the periwinkle plant (genus Vinca), which herbalists have used as a diabetes cure for centuries.

Some people dose themselves with Human Growth Hormone to feel better, lose weight and to think more clearly. Synthetic hGH is extremely expensive, and illegal in many countries, but, it is effective, if you don't mind sticking needles in your gut, several times each day. It is the fountain of youth for that pint sized old man, Sylvester Stallone and for which he was convicted of drug smuggling in Australia.

Tacrine stimulates the cholingeric process by inhibiting the enzyme cholineesterase that destroys acetylcholine. I do not understand why an allopath would prescribe something, which has been proven to be toxic to the liver, when one can easily increase necessary acetylcholine simply by adding lecithin to your diet.

Any questions??