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Don't worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy......

                    by Bobby MyFerrin
From the beginning of human history we have been searching for happiness. Most of our daily functions and overall desires all revolve around "being happy." Being satisfied is a key goal in our current "materialistic society." However, many have noticed that everything material is impermanent. As beauty fades, and youth withers away, so does everything material. Happiness cannot depend on the material.

Due to this fact, many ancient traditions focused on the opposite, the spiritual. If you begin studying ancient texts, you will notice their complexity. The more you learn, the more you get confused. Eventually, the main goal, happiness (or personal contentment), is lost in the haze.

The very adept, are able to reach that state of pure happiness through spiritual ascension, via ascetic practices. Going on retreat to the middle of nowhere and living in a monastery devoid of life's simple pleasures, is not an attractive option for most people living in the 21st Century. For most, spiritual ascension could be a desire but not at the expense of "living life to the fullest."

For most, time is our most precious commodity. We love to live life in the moment and we enjoy life more when we are in action. We like doing, evolving, learning, interacting, being, moving. Sitting in a room quietly for thirty minutes, then thrusting yourself into this hectic city-world can be disorienting. With bills, spouses, bosses, coworkers, offspring, and other obstacles, one needs a "real world" approach to this fast-paced life.

To most, personal contentment is more important than spiritual ascension. Only with personal contentment can you ascend spiritually. Personal contentment does not mean material or sensory satisfaction. Personal contentment means to be truly happy with yourself right here and now. From this state of personal contentment EVERYTHING is possible. Personal contentment brings peace of mind.

Personal contentment requires gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions a human being can experience. It alone can put you in a state of Bliss (contentment). A grateful mind is a content mind. A grateful mind needs nothing. When you are in a state of Gratitude, peace and overall contentment follows.

Gratitude = contentment = True Happiness (Bliss)

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