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Down... but not out

Usually, I am at work by four in the morning, full of energy. Today, I am dragging...

Perhaps, I am pushing too hard. Perhaps, I am emotionally drained from recent events. Perhaps, I caught something from somebody. Perhaps, I am depressed.

It is time to shift the brain. After all, we are blessed with a left brain and a right brain and all sorts of special areas. One of them should be working.

Usually, fresh air and physical exercise do the trick for me. But, it is four hours before daylight and it is freezing out there. The truth is I do not want to get physical.

Brain shifting uses simple mind exercises to shift the neuronal activity from the emotional part of the brain (the subcortex) to the thinking part of the brain (the neocortex), which does not have the capacity for depression.

Here is an example of an exercise. If you wake up depressed, instead of thinking “I’m so depressed,” think some neutral or nonsense thought over and over, repetitively, like “green frog, green frog” or “yes, yes, yes, yes,” or sing a nursery rhyme to yourself like “Row, row, row, your boat.” Scream it in your mind, if you must. Concentrate on the phrase you have chosen. Refuse to think the thought “I am depressed.” It will not take you long to get really good at this... make it into a game.

Concentration upon your neutral or nonsense thought, in the neocortex, will thoughtjam the cognitive awareness of whatever depression is occuring, in the subcortex. It will elevate neuronal activity in the neocortex and withdraw neuronal activity from the subcortex, thus correcting the chemical imbalance feeding the depression.

This shift, in neuronal brain activity from the subcortex to the neocortex, happens naturally, sooner or later, no matter how deep the depression. This is one of thethe reasons depression is cyclical. But brain shifting accomplishes the sshift as an act of will and a lot quicker than waiting for nature to take its course. Depression is like living in a room of pain. By shifting, you can leave the room.

Any questions??