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Your self portrait

What might your inner portrait look like?

Why does the idea of creating a self-portrait make you feel vulnerable?

To me, creating (a business, a family, a painting, a web page) is the essence of life itself. Most people are reluctant creators because most are afraid to make a mistake. This is why, before this huge, beautiful blank canvas called "a new opportunity," we sometimes freeze. We do not want to make a mistake and ruin the canvas.

I, regularly, go to "openings" at art galleries and I have an almost infallible method of identifying the featured artist. The artist is often facing an empty corner and always facing a blank section of wall, not wanting to be identified with the display. I generally introduce myself and ask directly, "What’s the meaning behind this body of work?" Often the response begins with an apology, and an excuse for why their piece wasn’t good, as the artist stumbles over words and stares at the floor.

This is a real test for a creator and it is a test for all of us. At some point, usually in crisis, we must give account of our works.

We need to know the meaning behind it, so we can look the crisis straight in the eye and say, "This piece is about courage, and passion. It shows that life is messy but beautiful, at the same time. So, if you don’t mind, stand back, and let me get on with it!"

If you feel as if you are standing in front of that huge new canvas, your wrong. It is too late to be thinking that! From the very first day that you decided to babble your first sounds, and/or to what you decided to have for breakfast this morning, you are creating your masterpiece!

With every decision, you make another stroke with your brush.

Step back and take a look at your creation.

It is not possible to make a mistake.

That is absolutely true. It is not possible to make a mistake.

Granted, it is very possible to feel, as if you have made a mistake, if something does not go according to plan or intention.

It is VERY easy to believe you have made a mistake.

But, with a little creative abandon, and a little faith, with a little grace, and a little forgiveness, with a few friends that believe in you, that "mistake" can be the entry to the next level in creating an even better work of art than you thought possible.

This is the key to all creativity. When you know you can not make a mistake, you do not. You are released from fear and entered into love.

Any questions??