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Life Intrudes

You may have noticed that there was no daily message for the past two days.... life intruded into my daily schedule. I usually begin to write these daily pages at four or five in the morning, so that I can finish and go about my day. But, on this past Saturday night I made an unscheduled drive to Laussanne, in order to assist my wife, who was at a large convention. Personally meeting and speaking with a thousand people each day for a week is one of her unique abilities (I get misanthropic under such conditions) but this event was a bit too much for her because we were obligated to be at an event in Lyon, on Monay night and then she is off to Basel for another four day event starting Thursday.

If today's message is less readable than usual, it is because I am a bit groggy having arrived home at 2:00A.M.

My reaction to the event in Lausanne, last year, induced me to write the English language sections of this web site. At the 2007 event, I was disturbed by the activities of several exhibitors, who were abusing yogic techniques to either ensnare gullible people into a cult or control people in some other ways. My wife and I try to empower people but so many people seem willing to give their power away to abusers. This is why my first pages were on the subject of BRAINWASHING. My idea was that people would be more able to protect themselves, if they had some idea of the techniques being used against them. Reader response indicates that the brainwashing pages are the second most popular pages. The most popular pages were on the non-chemical methods of getting 'high.'

My observation from the site's responses is that people either want to get 'high' and escape, or they want to give away their power because they are afraid of their personal power. As much as I want to write them, I will not have time available to write brain entrainment programs (getting high) for at least six months, because I am unable to think as a computer and as a human, concurrently, and I prefer being human.

For the next ten weeks, or so, I will be writing the Rules of POWER, more from a Machivellian viewpoint, rather than a yogic (though there are some crossovers). I know that some people will use these Rules of POWER to control other people but I feel that it is for the greater good that they be readily available, so that all can recognize power games when others play them.

After reviewing the responses to mastering fear, I have decided that it is better to work with people individually, by email, rather than anonymously over the internet.

Any questions??