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Struggle vs. Effortless

When you follow your enthusiasm, acknowledge and act upon the calling of your soul, and do what interests and satisfies you, on a deep spiritual level, life opens wide and becomes effortless, free of struggles.

Some carry a semantic load, for the word “effortless,” and wonder how there can be personal growth without struggle, sorrow and suffering. This semantic load indicates a failure to distinguish between lower and higher interpretations of the terms “effortless” and “struggle.”

The lower interpretation defines “effortless” living, as getting large returns from minimal investments of energy. Society tells people to pride themselves on efficiency, since this perpetuates the illusion that resources are finite and must be economized, in order to produce the greatest returns. The “effortless” life in this sense means being at the top and living the high life, at the expense of others.

Likewise, within society, the term “struggle” means spending energy and asserting personal will over the opposing will of others and overcoming material limitations through sheer ambition and perseverance. Relying solely upon themselves to succeed, those, who struggle to the top in this manner, do so at the expense of their energy and may become wealthy but hollow shells.

As for the higher interpretations of these terms, what is meant by “effortless” is a state, within which you follow your heart, and all the energy you need to be productive is infinitely supplied, in the form of enthusiasm and love. In this "effortless" state, material limitations disappear, as opportunities manifest to assist you. Because your energy to be productive comes from an unlimited source, and reality assists, rather than resists your utilization of this energy, life becomes effortless and fun.

Society's' slaves struggle to force their willpower and energy, against external obstacles, and burn out in the process. These same obstacles are non-existent, for those who follow a spiritual path.

By transcending lower limitations and struggless, you do not become free of all challenges. In fact, you become free of the materialistic. You will have more time, energy, and resources to do work that actually has meaning. Instead of being preoccupied with chasing illusory goals and butting heads, against illusory limits. living by spiritual principles frees you of these distractions and allows you to engage in more meaningful work. This is the result of doing what you can and love to do, rather than suffering through unappealing work. Iignorance, or negligence, of spiritual principles forces you to feel, as if you have no other choice.

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