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Hints to aid successful Meditation

Here are twelve useful suggestions:

  1. Establish a routine. Having a time of the day set aside for meditation helps in maintaining regularity.

  2. Most meditators find one or two sessions a day to be beneficial. It is recommended that no more than two half hour sessions a day be practised.

  3. Select a quiet location. Turn off electronic pagers, mobile cell phones and any other potential distractions.

  4. Sit with your spine straight in a comfortable chair, or lie on the floor keeping your spine straight and with a comfortable pillow beneath your head.

  5. Gentle instrumental music, with or without meditation voice prompts, can be helpful.

  6. The use of essential oils and a vaporizer can create a positive ambience for meditation.

  7. Meditate before a meal, not after. If necessary, empty your bladder before commencing your meditation.

  8. Loosen any tight clothing. Remove tight shoes. Remove spectacles.

  9. Because meditation can slow down the pulse rate and metabolic rate some meditators experience cold extremities. A light blanket can overcome this discomfort.

  10. At the end of a meditation sit quietly for a couple of minutes to avoid light-headedness or a dizzy spell.

  11. Never meditate while driving a motor vehicle or when undertaking any task requiring concentration.

  12. Meditation is not intended as a replacement for medical care. Any person with a condition requiring medical attention should consult a qualified doctor.

Any questions??