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In recent daily entries,regarding the project project of "diminishing the waistline and increasing my cognitive abilities", I introduced the subject of the brain's electrical activities, from a Western point of view and tried to show that there were advantages to learning how to control the brain's electrical activiity. In the future, we'll look at other processes of the brain, such as the internal chemical processes that generate the electricity and how that, too, can be controlled by you.

I explained that for a minor surgical procedure, I put myself in a state of almost total theta activity, with overtones of alpha. Theta state is a very interesting state to explore and a state, which I encourage you to explore. I will be writing, as time permits, a javascript, which will lead you into theta state and bring you back to "normal". With practice, you will not need my script, you will develop your own internal script.

THETA: As calmness and relaxation deepen into drowsiness, the brain shifts to slower, more powerfully rhythmic theta waves, with a frequency range of about 4 to 8 Hz. Theta has been called the "twilight state," between waking and sleep.

Theta produces vivid memories of long-forgotten events, not like going through a memory in one's mind, but rather like an experience, a reliving. By producing theta waves one also becomes highly creative. Theta also produces integrative experiences leading to feelings of psychological well-being.

The theta state cause people to experience body consciousness very much related to total well-being. Physiologically, the theta state brings physical healing, physical regeneration. In the emotional domain, the theta state is manifested in improved relationships with other people, as well as greater tolerance, understanding, and love of oneself and of one's world. In the mental domain, the theta state produces new and valid syntheses of ideas, not primarily by deduction, but springing by intuition from unconscious sources.

People, who work on their theta states, note significant increases in such qualities as warmth, abstract thinking, stability, conscientiousness, boldness, imaginativeness and self-control, and significant decreases not only in depression, but also in anxiety and other problems. All in all, it seems as if there is something magic about the theta state.

Overcoming addiction! - Transforming personality! - The "Holy Grail" of psychopharmacologists... if only they could put it in a pill.

For centuries, yogis have been exploring theta by using the tool of meditation to develop insight and experience transcendence, in their quest for yoga, or union with Absolute Reality.

Perhaps we'll experience transcendence on the internet, next year. For now, we'll focus on using theta state for cognitive enhancement.

Any questions??