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Helping Others

Each of us, in our own way, has spent some time "saving the world" or "saving someone." As human rights activists and founders of multi-national human rights organizations, my wife and I have recieved some notoriety for our efforts. (I was about to say acclaim, but many governments fight our efforts and one has labeled us "terrorists".) After 80 years of combined experience, we have decided that "saving the world" is an act of foolishness.

As my dear friend, Jayanti Patel, one of the last surviving "foot soldiers" of Mahatma Gandhi, says, "You never want to be an old revolutionary, because you see the results of your revolution. To us, democracy was a spiritual goal. We struggled for democracy and what we got, over time, is capitalism."

The three of us, my wife, myself, and Jayantiji, have all come to realize the wisdom of J Krishnamurti, who had made it his life's goal to achieve world peace. Krishnamurti realized that there could be no world peace, until and unless he had attained peace within himself. If, after attaining peace within, he could convince two others to do the same and then convince two others.... , he would achieve his goal.

The surest way to "save the world" is to improve yourself, educate yourself, become skilled at delivering that awareness to others who are interested. Build up your potential to serve than haphazardly trying to do good. The opportunities to "do something" happen when they happen. You will be inspired with a good idea and your situation will coincidentally be in the right state, for you to carry it out. In the meantime, prepare.

Improving yourself means becoming ever more mentally stable and emotionally balanced, acquiring wisdom from observation and experience, taking great care to deal with people according to their level of understanding.

Educating yourself means learning more about what matters, what is actually going on in this world and within yourself, the hidden things that manipulate people that could be stopped, if only they knew about it, and the positive principles, which, if known and applied, would allow one to progress more intelligently and powerfully and compassionately through life.

Becoming skilled means finding your niche for communication. Some are good at sending messages through music or art, others through writing, informal conversations, or public speaking.

For whatever you do learn, be sure to ponder, contemplate, meditate and live. Look for what it explains, and look for what it fails to explain. Over time, you will discern truth from deception, which is a very important skill, because the road to higher knowledge is strewn with lures and traps.

Any questions??