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The most important step in waking up is discerning the difference between the positive and negative. One must differentiate what lifts up and what drags down. We are caught in a battle of opposites. This manifests within as a battle between our higher and baser natures, and outside as a battle between good and evil forces. What is within resonates with what is outside, the good resonating and working with our higher self and the evil doing the same with our lower self. Every moment is a choice, and every choice is a response to the following question: whom will you follow, the lower or the higher?

When faced with a choice, we may feel within us simultaneously conflicting influences. A part of us wants this and another part wants that. For the majority of people, these conflicts are between the various sub-personalities, which determine the mosaic of their inconstant minds. Sooner or later, the contrast is magnified, until the conflict is primarily between what is written in our hearts, as spiritual conscience and aspiration, and what is programmed into us socially, genetically, and psychologically.

Anything can fall down, but not everything can fly up. It takes little effort to fall into darkness but considerable effort, at times, to withstand the pull of spiritual gravity and even more effort to rise higher. The intensity of this “gravity” fluctuates with time depending on physical and metaphysical factors, and the strength of one’s soul is put to the test during the more intense periods. As weight measures how strongly something is pulled downward by gravity, so does the level of dominance held by our lower aspect determine how strongly we are affected by negative influences. These weigh us down for as long as we are attached to our repeated indulgence in negative reactions and thoughtless mechanical behavior. By consistently identifying and choosing that which uplifts and originates from our nobler aspects, the possibility of flight becomes a reality.

Identifying the choice and making the right one is imperative. Some would say there is no wrong choice, and that is true because all roads lead to the same destination. However, some roads are far more circuitous than others. If your destination is ten miles East, you could just as well get there by traveling twenty five thousand miles West. By right choice, I mean the smart choice.

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